Own your Profile again!

Your profile is worth money, yet it is rented with neither your knowledge nor profit. Take control of your private information
and Own your Profile.

Create, Control, Rent your profile.

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Create your Profile

Become the true Owner of your private information again!
  • Simply build your profile using your interests and preferences (products, services, hobbies…)
  • Yes Profile secures your profile and your relationship with brands. Remain anonymous if you prefer!
  • Control the use of your profile, don’t let anyone else do it for you.
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Rent your Profile to Brands

Rent your information by yourself.
  • Make money by renting your Profile.
  • Control and decide which information to rent out.
  • Optional: receive personalized offers from your favorite brands on your Yes Profile account (No Spam)
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Your profile is already being rented
Calculate the value of your profile on the personal data market.
Unity makes strength
Unite to stop the use and
the abusive sale of your personal data.